Qualcomm hosts AR focused MoMo

Wireless telecommunications firm Qualcomm presented the latest developments in augmented reality (AR) for mobile devices at Mobile Monday (MoMo), featuring the newest apps from Fuzzy Logic and Sea Monster endorsed by QDevNet.

“It’s not just about marketing. It’s an experience,” said Jason Ried, Director of Fuzzy Logic.

Fuzzy Logic hosts an AR phone app that enhances gaming experiences, as well as providing practical solutions digitally. Users can create birthday cards or even an onscreen personal assistant. The company is already partnered with Telkom and has been picked by Qualcomm for promotion.

Pengy, another of the AR exhibitors, offers ‘tablet maths’ by livening up printed numbers with multiple digital 3D images, making logos on business cards come alive and interact with each other through AR-enabled devices.

Glenn Gillis, Managing Director from Sea Monster, told HumanIPO that the trend is picking up, becoming “increasingly focused on AR”.

James Munn, Vice President of Qualcomm, gave an overview of the company’s financial success, which exceeded the income of the combined industries of Hollywood, the music industry and cable TV as well as ISP with a revenue of US$320 billion last year.

He emphasised that for the company, it is “not just about the numbers but how [they] can change lives”. The industry does not only focus on making money, but also on the development of apps which can provide solutions for a wide spectrum in aiding start-ups, people with health problems or equipping those residing in remote areas.

Alex Dadson, Managing Director of Qualcomm West Africa, says the event is “really about educating the public”. He stated that these are “events to transformation” which also assist in technological advances such as the movement from 2G to 3G.

Qualcomm currently has three African offices in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana which positions them in the north, west and south of Africa. Dadson explains that these offices are closely knitted.

“Positioning the right tech within region,” is very important, he told HumanIPO. Although they are looking into expanding into multiple countries, he believes they are well situated.

QDevNet is Qualcomm’s developer network, which sources out developers of apps to give them access to tools and resources, enabling the creation of exceptional mobile experiences to offer the market.

Monday’s MoMo was a pre-event of AfricaCom 2012 underway in the CTICC from 13 -15 November in Cape Town, South Africa.

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