African App store opens next year

People Input will launch the first African App store before March 2013 for all French speaking countries.

“People love new things,” Serigne Barro, General Manager of People Input said at AfricaCom 2012 yesterday (Thursday) during the Africa Apps seminar.

The African App store will provide apps in categories of games, jokes, music, news and religion (aimed at Muslim and Christian users respectively).

The free app will function through 2G or Wi-Fi and generate revenues from advertisements.

The Orange Ramadan app is one of the company’s most recently launched. It caters for Muslim consumers, with features like Mohamed quotes. Other popular apps include SIST 2011, an exhibition-based app, PoS, a Point of Sales app that simplifies retail and the Barra Mundi which enables restaurant visitors to order from an interactive menu.

Barro shared research that provides perspective for the application world, revealing 83 percent of all apps are games. “Games are very popular,” he said.

People Input is the first African web developer of applications and other related solutions across social networks. The company is based in Senegal and supplies services to Senegal, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Mali and Burkina Faso in west Africa.

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