Kenyan developers take advantage of Windows 8

Microsoft’s next generation OS Windows 8 was officially launched in Kenya Thursday, even as Kenyan apps developers stole the show displaying their innovations for the new version.

High-ranking government officials including permanent secretary of the Ministry of Information Dr. Bitame Ndemo and the director general of the Vision 2030 Mugo kibati attended the event.

Kenyan developers took the occasion to showcase its wide range of software and hardware. Among the Kenyan apps to Kenyans launched included the Co-operative Bank banking platform for windows 8 by a local developer Software universe that allows customers to access their accounts from anywhere in the world through the Internet.  

Other features of the app will see the banks customers able to directly transfer their funds in the bank to various mobile money transfer platforms, transfer funds to other bank accounts as well as a host of everyday activities like buying airtime from their accounts.

Million-dollar winners VirtualCity on the other hand showcased their ‘Distribtr’ app that will help harmonize the distribution chain along the supply chain by consolidating the overview of transactions for companies involved in fast selling customer goods.

World renowned ‘Ushahidi’ crowd sourcing platform also showcased their windows 8 app upgrade while olivine technology showcased ‘Executive insight’ an application that will enable sales agents and their executives in the office monitor real time sales as they happen through their mobile phones and computers.
The sales agents in the field will further be able to offer receipts with the transactions updated to the distributor system through the synchronization.

The Kenyan government was lauded for its steps in improving infrastructure that has enabled Microsoft to launch products such as azure that will see among other 2 countries in Africa (Nigeria and South Africa) able to access the version.

Developers also praised the ministry of information for releasing piles of government data through the government open data portal that has helped them create various applications.

Microsoft on the other hand showcased the compatibility of Windows 8 while highlighting the capabilities of the devices to utilize cloud technology while securing documents through innovations like the skydrive.

Microsoft announced an offer that will run for the next 10 weeks to encourage the uptake of the new version with users who have purchased the Windows version 7 less than 6 months ago will access Windows 8 at $14.99, while consumers currently running their PCs with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 to download Windows 8 Pro at $39.99.

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