Power and modular centre firm Flexenclosure opens west African office in Lagos

The West African office of Flexenclosure, a specialist developer of intelligent power management systems and modular data centres for the telecoms industry, has been opened in Lagos, expected to establish the company’s presence in the region’s rapidly growing IT solutions market.

Flexenclosure said it has made several inroads with its highly reputed power management solution eSite in addition to its energy efficient modular data centre eCentre.

Chief executive officer of Flexenclosure David King described West and Central Africa as regions that have incredibly high rates of growth in their telecoms sectors. Coincidentally, both regions are also combating the serious challenge of insufficient electricity from the national grid of the various member countries.

According to King, this shows that the regions need Flexenclosure’s eCenter and eSite solutions.

Describing the eCentres, he said they are a complete, pre-fabricated, modular solution to house and power data and telecoms equipment. He said they have been optimised to ensure energy efficiency and slashed cost of ownership.

“eCentre is specifically designed to be fast to deploy and fully future proof. eSite is a power solution for off-grid and unreliable grid base station sites that cuts diesel-related costs by up to 90 per cent.  Powered by renewable energy sources or the grid and a backup genset, eSite can deliver a 90 percent reduction in diesel fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and energy related OPEX compared to traditional diesel based systems,” David said.

Concerning the company’s history with Nigerian companies, David said Nigerian telecoms company, Airtel Nigeria in recent times bought 250 units of Flexenclosure’s eSite, which were used to upgrade Airtel’s base stations operating on diesel at locations across Nigeria.

The company has also deployed its eCentre solution to Nigeria and few other countries in the region.

“The first installation of eCentre was for MTN in Nigeria in 2001, followed by additional installations for MTN in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. MTN Group is Africa’s leading telecommunications provider, operating in 21 countries across the region. In total, more than 4,200 square metres of eCentre area has been deployed in the region,” King said.

He noted that the goal of Flexenclosure’s Lagos office is to enable Flexenclosure to build a local presence and be able to contact its current and future customers directly, especially Nigerian telecoms companies who seek the company’s reliable, energy efficient and cost effective technologies.

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