Sharetori wants to pay you for each story shared online

A Nigerian startup called Sharetori could be out to revolutionize online marketing with its new strategy of paying social media users on a pay-per-share model, it expects will see digital content publishers increase online presence and revenue.

Sharetori pays its network of users to post updates about brands and products to various social networks, and also a distribution network for website publishers.

In an interview with HumanIPO, Sharetori’s chief operations officer Morakinyo Beckley said: “Sharetori is a community of Africans who choose cool stuff to share on social media and get rewarded with airtime, cash, and points.”

He said Sheratori was created after they realized that advertisers using several online channels to get across to their potential target market face the big dilemma of enhancing word of mouth and trust via existing online advertising channels.

So how exactly does it work? Beckley said: “An advertiser in six simple steps is able to kick-start an advert within five to ten minutes by uploading a campaign image of 600 by 400 pixels, including a catchy ad copy and specifying targeted details such as gender, minimum number of friends or followers required.”

On the other hand, a publisher or promoter is able to use existing online platform such as a blog, website or social network to earn incentives for sharing our content via their platforms.

Unlike other online advertising networks, Sharetori doesn’t pay per click or by the number of impressions of a particular campaign. Sharetori will show an average of 5-20 campaigns on a web page for a maximum of seven day, and one is paid only when a campaign is shown.

Sharetori was coined from “Share the story” where “tori” is story in pidgin, a widely spoken derivative of English amongst West African Anglophone countries.

Launched in Beta last month, the startup intends to roll out its services across African continent in the near future.

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