HP unveils world’s first purpose-built for Big Data server for businesses

Technology giant HP recently unveiled ICT industry’s first ever server designed to help clients operationalise Big Data, drive new business opportunities and save up to US$1 million over three years in associated costs.

Early deployments of Big Data solutions have been suboptimal from a performance and cost perspective as many organisations have tried to deploy these solutions on existing architectures not designed to handle the specific needs of these workloads.

“Big Data application environments such as Hadoop, MPP data warehouses, Big Data analytics and object stores have very different workload requirements,” said Dan Vesset, vice president at Business Analytics Research, IDC.

Vesset explained that given the large and varied amounts of fast-moving data that needs to be stored and accessed quickly and the different requirements of end users, these workloads can be highly varied, complex and inefficient to manage if run on traditional hardware infrastructure.

“In order to fully embrace the promise of Big Data, it is critical that the underlying infrastructure be optimised for the workload,” he added.

The new HP ProLiant SL4500 server series is the only solution purpose built for Big Data environments.

According to the global ICT company, the HP ProLiant SL4500 server provides maximum performance, productivity and cost-effectiveness in an ultradense solution required by these workloads. Built on HP Converged Infrastructure, the new server offers a highly efficient design that consumes up to 50 percent less space, 61 percent less power and 31 percent lower cost while using 63 percent fewer cables.

The HP ProLiant SL4500 server series in a single node configuration is available in Africa for a starting price of R65,175 (approx US$ 7,334).

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