Twitter offers new email sharing

Twitter has enabled users to email tweets directly from their personal mailboxes, increasing accessibility and connecting those not yet part of the network.

“You can retweet any (Twitter messages) to your Twitter followers, but sometimes you want to share with another group, like your college roommates or your parents or a friend who isn’t yet on Twitter,” engineer Stefan Filip said in a blog post. The social media group hopes to get more people tweeting via this medium.

Users are still warned about security policy considering emails from Twitter. Any fake attempts to gain password access via email should be identified as a phishing attack rather than read as an authentic Twitter message.

This newest addition to the social media network is powered by Android. Other recent updates on the tweet zone include auto complete, spell checking features and popularity rankings. Higher quality of sharing photos, videos and news are now available on the Twitter applications for iPhone and Android.

Also making Twitter’s news blog headlines, is the Twitter Fiction Contest. The deadline for submissions was yesterday (Thursday) and the panel who will be judging entries include acclaimed writers Ben Marcus, Emily Raboteau, Lee Ellis and Ryan Chapman.

“We hope to hear from many other voices sharing their stories,” Andrew Fitzgerald posted on the blog. This interactive initiative aims to “celebrate” stories online.

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