Kindle Fire goes bigger, better?

Amazon have begun shipping enlarged Kindle Fire tablets with the aim of being one step ahead of Apple’s iPad.


Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and Chief Executive, described the new release as “the best high-end tablet anywhere, at any price”.

The bigger Kindle Fire HD tablet features a larger, high definition screen as the presumably better or upgraded version of the popular Kindle Fire tablet. With a 22.6cm display, thickness of 7.6mm and weight of 567g, the device comes at a price of U$499.

Other facets include dual-band Wi-Fi and maximised reception with two antennas that enables fast connection. Browsing, emailing, gaming, watching TV shows and reading magazines are also promised to be of enhanced quality.

“Kindle Fire HD has been Amazon’s best-selling product worldwide since launch, and that was before we even started shipping the best tablet we’ve ever built,” said Kindle Vice President Dave Limp.

The basic Kindle Fire was only released for non-US residents in October, when the device was up for grabs at US$199.

Apple, in contrast, has released a smaller version of the standard iPad.

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