Nigerian GSM subscribers suggest sanctions, rate companies

GSM subscribers in Nigeria are rooting on the regulatory authorities in the nation’s telecoms sector to direct telecoms companies to improve the quality of services they render.

The subscribers recommended sanctions on errant telecom firms, according to a survey by NOI/Gallup Poll that also showed that the mobile users believe the various regulatory bodies are not doing enough to mandate network operators to improve on the quality of their services.

About 45 percent of participants in the survey said they are using two GSM lines, while about 20 percent acknowledged they use three lines. The reason for using several phone lines at the same they said is to circumvent the network failure that usually cripples Nigeria’s networks.

According to the respondents, they believe if a network fails, they can still be accessible via the other line (or lines).

The survey also showed that if given right to choose, a large percentage of subscribers would prefer the mobile network operators improve the quality of their service rather than churn out promos, offers and lotteries.

Only 26 percent of respondents use just one line. Out of this small subset, the survey revealed that almost 90 percent chose MTN Nigeria while Airtel, Glo and Etisalat had 5 percent, 4 percent and 2 percent respectively.

On the overall rating of the telecoms companies, 31 percent of respondents gave Etisalat Nigeria network “Very Good” rating. Etisalat was followed by Airtel with 19 percent, Glo 17 percent and MTN trailed behind with just 11 percent.

When asked to choose which network is “Very Bad,” 7 percent of participants selected MTN Nigeria while Etisalat and Airtel were given a rather clean bill.

Nearly 76 percent of Etisalat subscribers accepted that they were getting value from their main network provider, followed by Airtel (62 percent) and Glo (55 percent) while only 53 percent of MTN subscribers expressed satisfaction with the telecoms company.

The results of the survey, which involved about 760 GSM subscribers, were based on Best and Worst Perception of Quality of Service and the measures that should be taken to deter mobile network operators from rendering poor quality service.

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