Boost to Nigerian e-commerce from sunglasses.com.ng

Nigerian online retailer sunglasses.com.ng blasted onto the fashion scene at MTN Fashion Week recently, boosting an e-commerce sector that is yet to take off in the same way as other African countries.

Partnering with award-winning clothing designer Kinabuthi, the sunglasses retailer showcased a range of eyewear at the event in Lagos, receiving positive feedback and establishing the online commercial site in the public eye.

Having launched in early October, the sunglasses online retailer is rising in the ratings to become one of Nigeria’s foremost fashion sites and swiftly becoming one of the country’s most visited e-commerce websites. The company has already become known as “Nigeria’s largest online retailer for sunglasses, prescription glasses and contact lenses”.

Despite the growing trend for online shopping across Africa, Nigeria has been excluded from the rise of e-commerce, with the root of the problems based largely in the fact that the country does not yet have sufficient regulations in place to make online transactions secure. Cyber-crime is rife across the Nigerian online sector – with particular prevalence of hacking and identity-theft style crimes.

Online businesses also have to contend with the relative lack of secure payment options available in Nigeria at the current time.

Yet sunglasses.com.ng has seen strong growth over the space of a month in its early start-up stages, and it is to be hoped regulations will be put in place by the government soon in order to fuel the e-commerce sector in Nigeria at large.

Specialising in the provision of glasses and contact lenses for both prescription and non-prescription fashion-enthusiasts, the Internet-based retailer stocks a number of exclusive designs from globally renowned designers such as Armarni, D&G, Gucci, Prada, Ray Ban and Tom Ford.

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