Lego’s new electronic upgrade a solution to school holidays

A techno toy company is hoping to educate youngsters on electricity by releasing a Holiday Kit which helps them build decorations.

Motivating kids to get active with electronic inventions, littleBits launched their “What are you making for your holidays?” competition yesterday.

Entrees are to include sketches of a “dream” project. The three winners will receive all the parts needed to turn their plan into a real project.

The Holiday Kit comes with instructions to make interactive ornaments and decorations.

Techno toys are increasing in popularity as brand names like littleBits are supplying technological entertainment for kids by upgrading the simple versions previous generations of kids were used to.

“We built littleBits to break the boundaries between the products we consume and the things we make, and to make everyone into an inventor,” states the company’s mission statement.

Although not a division of the Lego trademark, littleBits takes the construction provided by the finger-sized building blocks a step further. Fitted with magnets that connect to electronic parts, these construction pieces allow kids to build their own functioning systems.

These sets aim to educate youngsters (and parents) about electricity. littleBits kits motivate kids to design their own electronic circuits with pieces of different functions, like power, motor, light or switch. A power source and output is needed to put the builder’s creation into action. Pieces in blue, green, pink and orange code the different functions of power,output, input or wire.

The inventor behind these versatile constructive items is engineer and interactive artist, Canadian Aya Bdeir.

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