SAP announces applications for its skills training and scholarships

One hundred graduates will benefit from SAP training from next year, according to an announcement by the market and technology leader in business management solutions.

The training will target recent graduates (from December 2011 and December 2012) in various campuses in Kenya.

The scholarship will cover costs of up to US$19,000 per student in training that will last for 3 months. The scholarships will be given to bright recent graduates with first class or upper second honours and who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The SAP training will take place in Multi Media University, Kenya, and will cover modules in technology, business and finance, logistics and soft skills.

“Africa, home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, is creating a lot of demand for SAP solutions. To effectively and efficiently meet the demand and growth in Africa SAP must drastically grow the number of certified professionals residing in Africa,” the company said.

The initial training will take three weeks. After that, the trainees will be placed in some of Kenya’s leading companies to get hands on training on the skills learnt. This will expose the students to the real issues and challenges found in corporate firms.

SAP has eight offices across Africa, with at least 8,000 certified professionals serving the content. The bulk of certified SAP individuals are from South Africa; 80 percent of SAP professionals reside in South Africa, 10 percent in Zimbabwe, 8 percent in Nigeria and 2 percent in the rest of Africa.

The training in Kenya is also expected to increase the number of SAP professionals in the region. The training programme is in partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communications.

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