Mobile media users increasingly engaged with mobile content and commerce

88 percent of the world’s mobile media users engage with mobile content and commerce, according to MEF’s Global Consumer Survey for 2012, as consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices for daily activities.

Including input from 9,500 respondents across 10 countries, the survey reveals strong growth in usage of mobile devices for multiple consumer activities over the past twelve months.

The results show that 88 percent of mobile users have conducted mobile content and commerce related activities, having conducted research, purchases or banking on a mobile phone. This is an increase on 2011 figure of 82 percent, displaying a growing move to the mobile sphere by users over the past year.

The growth in mobile research is particularly strong, with 80 percent of respondents using their mobile phone for research purposes as compared to 58 percent in 2011. The importance of mobile research in the commercial environment is expanding, with 69 percent of mobile researchers going on to make a purchase via mobile.

64 percent of users now use their mobile device for banking, up from 57 per cent, with users increasingly enjoying the convenience of mobile banking opportunities.

Taking the data breakdown even further, the MEF survey reveals that the over-35 age group is leading in mobile content and commerce reliance. 

While 80 percent of consumers use their mobile phones for research purposes, the equivalent figure for the over-35 group stands higher at 88 percent. 55 percent of consumers have made purchases via their mobile device, however, in the over-35 category 64 percent reported shopping on their phones.

As to the reasons behind the increasing shift to mobile content and commerce participation by users, MEF found that respondents principally use mobiles for research, shopping and banking due to the convenience afforded by the mobile arena – with 26 percent of survey participants citing convenience as the key factor.

Also important to respondents is the entertainment value of browsing and buying on a mobile device, as 25 percent of users included in the survey felt entertainment to be the most important issue.

Online retailers and service providers still have work to do to build trust in online shopping. 35 percent of users are hindered in shopping via mobile devices due to fears about the trust-worthiness of online providers. Conversely, 13 per cent cited trust as an incitement to mobile shopping, noting that consumers feel more confident in making purchases from online brands that they are familiar with.

With MEF launching in Africa only last week, the survey also reveals that the largest mobile content and commerce growth is to be found in emerging markets – South African respondents displaying 95 percent mobile content and commerce usage, up from 89 percent in last year’s figures.

Global Chair of MEF Andrew Bud commented: “MEF’s 2012 report shows how far mobile has come as a channel for both consumer engagement and entertainment. Across the world, mobile content and commerce is increasingly the most convenient way to discover, to choose and to buy. The data has profound implications for brands, retailers and financial institutions, as well as the content and entertainment industry. We cannot be complacent: the report also reveals that trust is still a significant barrier for consumers and the industry must collaboratively address that to sustain growth.”

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