Conference to discuss cyber security in East Africa set for December

A conference to discuss the new trends in cyber crime in East Africa has been scheduled for December 4 and 5, with various players from national and international fields expected to attend.

Organised by UK-based company, Cyber Security Africa, with operations in Kenya, the conference aims to educate, inform and give direction on issues dealing with online and digital insecurities.

Cyber security has been a crucial issue, especially with the development of ICT in East Africa. Kenya is looking to double its bandwidth, bringing in development and threats alike.

Early this year, over 100 government websites in Kenya were hacked and brought down. Since then, a spate of cyber insecurity has rocked the country.

“The nature and scope of the Information Security field has evolved over the past several years. No longer are we just concerned with protecting the technical edifice. Our emphasis has become more holistic and we tend to consider all aspects of information protection as central to the field of security,” Cyber Security Africa said.

“Our Annual Security Conferences and Exhibitions provides a forum for discourses in Security, that will define the moment and provide a useful basis for nurturing further dialogues,” the company added.

Kenya’s permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication Dr. Bitange Ndemo announced earlier this week that the government would establish a system to give ecommerce players online identity to try and stem the rise in online fraud.

However, this will still be a small move, with international hackers still viewing East Africa as naïve in matters of online security.

Speakers expected at the conference include Alex de Graaf, Senior Manager Pre-Sales, McAfee Inc; Alex Kioni, Security Systems Lead Technical Consultant, IBM and Daniele Catteddu, Managing Director, EMEA, Cloud Security Alliance amongst others.

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