South Sudan targeted for rollout of Africa’s first Ka-band satellite broadband

Abu Dhabi-based satellite operator Al Yah Satellite Communications (Yahsat) has announced plans to launch its revolutionary satellite service dubbed “YahClick broadband everyone” in South Sudan over the coming months.

Yahsat says it expects the service to offer wide reaching, high-speed satellite broad to underserved regions across the East African country and has since settled on South  Sudan-based Internet Service Provider RCS-Communication as its Service Partner toward the project.

According to Flippie Odendal, RCS-Communication’s managing director for South Sudan, YahClick is the first Ka-band satellite Internet service in Africa offering true broadband speeds at affordable prices.

“We are proud to bring the service to South Sudan and anticipate a wide interest across the country,” he said.

Commenting on Yahsat’s choice on South Sudan, the firm’s chief executive Tareq Abdul Raheem Al Hosani said: “As the world’s youngest country, South Sudan is facing multiple infrastructure building priorities.”

He added that YahClick brings fast Internet connectivity to the population, irrespective of the state of the local telecommunications infrastructure within their reach.

The innovative service, he said, fast tracks connectivity to South Sudan “beyond what is humanly possible with the time and expense it takes to expand fixed or wireless Internet solutions.”

Internet pundits observe that by providing South Sudan the much-needed Internet connectivity, presents Yahsat’s new service with tremendous opportunity in addition to addressing a number of essential requirement for the young country’s growth. Commenting on this, Al Hosani said: “Having affordable, reliable and instantly available high performance internet will be a fundamental tool to help new and established businesses and individuals in South Sudan achieve their full potential.”

Based on anticipated growth, Odendal said, RCS-Communication’s will be adding and training VSAT technicians and support staff (with a focus on South Sudanese candidates) to our existing team.

Along with this process, the company will run extensive tests of the new service and processes over the next months targeted at ensuring all aspects are working well before the service released to the market.

Yahsat said it believes in providing individuals with means to access information despite their geographical location, thus enabling them through the power of information to enhance and help change their world in order for them to have a positive economic and societal impact on the world around them.

“Our YahClick service aims to bring broadband to everyone and deliver the power of Internet collaboration to individuals and global communities across three continents. We believe it is the right of every individual to have high speed and reliable Internet.

“Our team is excited about the prospect of helping connect a portion of the world’s un-served communities in the Republic of South Sudan and providing them with the tools to aid their own success,” Al Hosani added.

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