Teledom Group believe ‘smart classrooms’ are key to Nigeria becoming a digital economy

An education technology company has called on the Nigerian Government to revolutionise education by installing more information and communications technology (ICT) in the classroom.

Dr Emmanuel Ekuwem, Chief Executive of Teledom Group, the company that holds the ‘smart classroom’ vision, said if government can properly harness smart classrooms, the country could carve a niche for itself.

Ekuwem said: “A smart classroom will give digital exposure to both the students and the teacher, and encourage them to do more research work in education.”

He described the classroom as an ICT-based migration from a conventional analogue classroom to an intelligent one which is designed to stimulate faster learning with minimal assistance.

Ekuwem added: “It comes with wireless or cable connection with Wi-Fi access. Students come in with their laptops and get connected to the Wi-Fi through wireless connection, or through cable connection. Students without laptops could use the available laptops in the smart classroom.”.

Each ‘smart classroom’ would be equipped with two digital cameras – one facing the interactive whiteboard and the other directly facing the teacher.

There is an infra-red sensor to detect, capture and record motions which in addition to other interactions are stored in a server. The technology allows for video conferencing via broadband internet with experts in any part of the world.

Ekuwem announced the ‘smart classroom’ will be officially launched in Abuja this week at the e-Nigeria conference organized by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA).

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