HP’s new functional testing software enables rapid delivery of high-quality applications

Hewlett Packard (HP) have announced the availability of their next-generation functional and mobile testing software to help enterprises quickly respond to changing demands.

HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5 and HP UFT Mobiles said to help IT organisations update application development and testing processes to deliver applications, such as mobile and cloud, with high-quality results.

Stephen Smith, HP’s AQM Solution Architect, Software, South Africa, said: “Organisations cannot sacrifice application quality for speed.

“The new HP Functional Testing software suite provides clients with test automation tools that accelerate the continuous delivery of modern and innovative applications, while maintaining the highest quality available today.”

New enhancements to the HP Functional Testing software suite enable clients to:

- Quickly respond to changing business needs by automating functional testing earlier  in the life cycle and simplifying testing with an enhanced user experience with HP UFT 11.5.

- Accelerate time-to-market for mobile applications with HP UFT Mobile, which automates application functional testing on mobile devices via public and private cloud testing environments.

- Increase employee productivity with HP Sprinter 11.5, which provides automation of laborious testing tasks with one-click conversions.

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