“Target young jobseekers with mobile content,” say Viadeo

Online content providers must use mobile to supply content to the under 25 population in Africa and target the job seeking section of society, according to social networking website Viadeo.

There has been a shift in user demand to rely on mobile devices for internet connection, say officials at the popular social network.

As such providers of online services such as social networking websites should respond to this change in the online environment and refocus their efforts on streamlining products for mobile use.

This claim is particularly relevant in an African context, given the common lack of fixed internet connections in rural areas. Mobile Internet is especially prevalent on the African continent.

According to Viadeo, in Africa the main drivers of the mobile trend belong to the under 25 population, who increasingly rely on their mobile devices to access the internet while on the go. A characteristic of this young mobile population is that they predominantly use their mobiles in their job searches and career advancement communications, says the social networking company.

As such, online service providers should take advantage of the immense opportunities presented by this extensive social group, which makes up roughly one half of the African population, and cater to the needs of the user by facilitating mobile based networking.

Commenting on the phenomenon in a social networking context, Viadeo pointed to the overall shift in social life towards the online sphere, whereby connections are made much easier than in the physical world.

“Graduates used to need a strong network to get a job. Thanks to this new platform, they can ask alumni to introduce them to a company. It is a huge opportunity,” said a Viadeo spokesperson.

Companies hoping to be successful in Africa over the coming period should then get in line with the needs of the young population, streamline online content for mobile access, and for social networks, the key will be to concentrate on simplifying professional connections for the young work force across the continent.

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