Bharti Airtel recommits to making telecom affordable in Africa after receiving award

Telecommunications company Bharti Airtel will not stand still after winning the Best Cost Efficiency Initiative Award with network solutions business ZTE Corporation at AfricaCom 2012.

The duo teamed up to create their Hybrid Power Solution and were duly recognised at the conference in Cape Town, South Africa earlier this month.

Amitabh Prasad, Director of Supply Chain Management at Bharti Airtel in Africa, said: “Airtel is committed to making telecom affordable across Africa on a sustainable basis. ZTE did
a great job in implementing the Solar Hybrid solution.

“We have started to reap benefits from our investment both in terms of fuel savings and environment protection, which is a real win-win for all of us.”

Wang Jiaran, Senior Vice President at ZTE Corporation, described the award as a consolidation of ZTE’s achievements in the telecoms industry.

“ZTE has established the foundation and partnership with Bharti Airtel Africa and we will continue to bring valuable products and services to our African customers.”

The technology developed by ZTE Solar+DG Hybrid Power Solution. It is a green energy solution that ZTE designed for Bharti Airtel’s base station sites in Africa.

It drastically lowers the amount of time diesel powered electricity generating sets are used by about 80 percent. It does this by an efficient utilization of solar power in addition to diesel fuel, optimizing initial investment on capital expenditure.

Unlike similar hybrid solutions, Solar+DG Hybrid Power Solution ensures there is consistent power supply at Airtel’s sites; it also serves as a flexible investment strategy for the telecoms company.

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