SA’s Internet Solutions believes its Network OVC will improve customer’s application performance

Communications service provider Internet Solutions believes its Network OVC (optimisation, visibility, control) solution will enable customers to achieve a consistent end-user quality of experience (QOE) as a means of increasing their business efficiency and application performance.

Internet Solutions (IS) Network OVC provides IS VPN (virtual private network) customers with a single platform from which to monitor, control and optimise application traffic. The centrally managed offering integrates application performance management, intelligent flow control, prioritisation, caching, compression and acceleration.

Brett Steingo, IS Technology and Innovation Manager for Connectivity Services, said: “ICT infrastructure is required to quickly integrate a large number of new applications.

“Providing consistent delivery of enterprise, mobile and private or public cloud applications is a growing challenge.”

While QOE is a business necessity in and of itself, it can also be used to enable innovation, collaboration and productivity.

“With all the excitement around the expansion of enterprise mobility and the move to cloud computing, it is easy to neglect the underlying network requirements,” says Steingo.

A significant impediment to employee productivity is reduction in application performance, usually caused by the increased demands placed on networks.

“Providing a suitable service delivery platform is paramount and can no longer be achieved in the same way as when there were only three or four business-critical applications, e-mail and highly restricted Web browsing allowed on the network,” added Steingo.

IS provides a 30-day Professional Discovery Service, a service offering providing visibility into, and an understanding of, an enterprise network. This network discovery is presented via detailed reporting, which allows businesses to create network policies aimed at prioritising applications, thereby controlling network and application performance.

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