New Kenyan app to integrate primary school learning processes

Reflecting on the 2010 UNESCO survey that found Kenyan education system accommodated many students with only 10 percent of those enrolled able to solve a class two maths problem, and only 60 percent graduating to secondary school, a Kenyan startup has come up with an app set to guide pupils through learning and revisions.

“eLimu is an interactive, engaging and fun app and tablet for children in the Kenyan primary school education system. It animates the school programme, uses videos, songs, and music and technology which the founder says is poised to increase the kids IQ,” Nivi Mukherjee, the developer.

Nivi told HumanIPO that after working with children,she noted Free Primary Education had inadequacies, and after months of brainstorming, she came up with the app.

The 6-month old app consists of six Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) subject areas, 3D animations of class concepts simplified, classes with animated teachers and characters, Games to capture interest and improve cognitive thinking, memory and focus, Quizzes to track progress and examination tips and techniques.

In addition to the class-work, the app also takes the children through life skills including environmental conservation, community development, business & entrepreneurship, agriculture, applied science, ICT, conflict resolution and peacebuilding and civics and human Rights.

Nivi expects eLimu to make a significant and positive long term impact on the Kenyan youth by improving their test scores, cognitive thinking skills, social/environmental consciousness and IT literacy.

“The app promises to inspire through quizzes, animations, music, songs, videos and games,” said Nivi.

After signing up, a pupil or teacher can select the subject to study as well as go through the list of topics and examples shown.

The app also shows the amount of time spend on each subject for teachers to track the students’ learning progress. Students can also leave feedback on each topic and challenge the teachers unlike the old system.

eLimu participated in the Pivot 2012 mobile competitions series and was the best in the Mobile society category. The app was awarded an $ 1500 worth advertisement platform on the InMobi network,the firm behind the mobile apps competition who believed that the app will revolutionise the education sector in the country.

The apps and tablets will be distributed after their pilot project. The tablets will be sold at a fee to be agreed on with the various education partners.

“The eLimu App was launched on the basis that the FPE education launched in 2003 in the country was not giving the pupils the much needed skills they needed in life,” concluded Niva.

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