Failure to launch costs Glo Mobile US$200,000

National Communications Authority (NCA), Ghana’s communication regulator, has fined Glo Mobile US$200,000 for failing to start operations three years after acquiring license.

Communications Minister, Haruna Iddrisu, told the press the move by the regulator is justified as it is in line with the licence regulations and in tandem with the NCA Law.

The company, which was granted license to operate as Ghana’s sixth mobile telecommunication provider, has postponed launching severally in a span of five years, the latest follows the April 20, 2012 deadline when it was supposed to launch.

Failure on the part of the company to pay the fine and commence the service may attract more penalties including revoking its licence, said Iddrisu.

As per the licence granted to the company, the first phase of the implementation of the conditions of the licence should see Glo launch in at least six regions of the country and two years after, add two more regions as part of phase two and go nationwide with its service after a couple of years in the third phase.

Despite the stated conditions, Glo has not started operations.

According to Glo Mobile, several factors inhibited them from launching. Iddrisu however said the company was required to have rolled out in the six regions and that the hitches highlighted had been addressed by the government thus Glo has no justification not to launch.

Glo Mobile is involved in several corporate social responsibilities across the country. It has also been instrumental in supporting the country’s premier league and the national team.

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