SA firm uses QR codes for ‘digital memoralisation’

A South African startup is integrating Quick Response (QR) code technology into places of remembrance, allowing those with Internet-capable devices to scan and view an online digital tribute.

EverMe claims that the integration of the technology will give “a long overdue face lift to memorials, which have not changed much since inception.”

The innovation allows a discreet plaque containing a QR Code to be placed on a tombstones or garden bench, which can then be scanned with a smartphone, tablet or similar Internet capable device to display the tribute, be it an obituary, biography or photo gallery.

“Our lives are more than a dash between two dates,” says Admari Wilson, Managing Director and spokesperson of EverMe, who developed the technology to ensure the life story of her late brother is accessible to anyone who visits his grave.

Wilson says she believes that the use of QR codes will continue to expand in South Africa, mainly for marketing and data consumption purposes.

“Digital Memorialisation is a trend we definitely see catching on based on the way things are changing in how we interact with our surroundings, be it through QR Codes or eventually through a more mature technology like NFC,” she told HumanIPO.

“This new concept might not appeal to everyone,” she says. “We have implemented privacy measures, which includes optional passcode protection, so only persons to which the passcode is known can gain access to a protected tribute.”

Tributes can also be left open, while further functionality allows the sharing of tributes through Facebook and Twitter.

Individuals can upload tributes to EverMe.co.za

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