Vodacom launches M2M management platform for businesses

South African telecom Vodacom is launching a new M2M management platform, known as a Global Data Service Platform (GDSP), catering to the needs of a user base that is increasingly using M2M technologies in its business activities.

The GDSP constitutes a tool for users which will facilitate the management of large-scale M2M projects, allowing customers to manage M2M devices over a number of countries from a central location.

The GDSP will allow users to remotely activate and deactivate enabled devices across countries by clicking a button.

Further, it will be possible for platform users to view usage and high-level status of all the SIMs on an M2M network via a graphical user interface (GUI).

The platform will use a dedicated GDSP SIM card which has a unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) – the SIM will be available in both plastic (2FF) and Chip (SON-8) form.

The move sees Vodacom respond to the changing needs of business customers in particular, who are increasingly relying on M2M networks to expand business offerings and to improve customer service.

Gabi Strijp, Executive Head of Mobile Enterprise Product Management for Vodacom Business Services noted the importance of introducing mechanisms to cope with the increasing M2M market, saying: “The market for M2M services using remote intelligent devices is both broadening in scope and size. In order for it to deliver its true potential, service providers like Vodacom need to provide customers with managed connectivity that is reliable, cost effective and universal.”

According to the telecoms operator, the GDSP if implemented will boast a number of benefits to customers wishing to deploy an extensive M2M network, including “increasing the speed of implementation and reducing the cost, complexity and risk traditionally associated with deploying such projects.”

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