Cloud computing perceptions to shape up as Google Drive launches

Google has launched Google Drive, a service set to enable backup, sync and document access safely and securely online.

This is good news for most people who value cloud service, says Google.

The American multinational Internet and software corporation has been planning the move for about 3 year and analysts say it could pose a major competition to Box.net and Dropbox.com given its new set of features.

The service could be set for integration with the Google+ profile to promote Google+ by giving it a storage advantage. A feature most social media platforms lack.

The service will also integrate the full Google experience. Google products like Google Docs and Gmail will also enhance their service to cut above the competition.

Google Drive is offered in three levels. The first level is 5GB free of storage and then the paid levels will be at $4.99 for 100GB. This service will face it off with Africa’s ownSnapdisk and File-It-Africa.

Google hopes that the excellence in security of the service would change perceptions in Africa where a majority of small and medium businesses are reluctant to launch into the cloud movement, BSA study shows.

Ross Thomasson, Regional Director for Africa for Vodafone Global Enterprise, said African firms name fear and costly infrastructure as major impediments to launch fully into cloud. Most of the fears are based on lack of information on how the cloud system works.

“The main issue with consumers would be the safety of their documents online,” Carla Viezee of File It Africa, a cloud backup service in Kenya.

“This worry influences the period of decision making. In addition, many either think this risk management tool is for big organizations, and they are surprised when they hear our offer is specifically for SMEs and individuals. The Kenyan market needs a lot more education on it as most of them are not IT people and need to understand the concept in their language,” Carla told HumanIPO.

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