Microsoft to charge businesses more for services via multiple devices

A new move by Microsoft means that businesses looking to give their workers access to systems through multiple devices will from December 1 pay 15 percent more for new licences.

The move comes as comes workers continue to show preference for using their own devices while in the office, as many workplaces are less likely to keep up with technology than their employees.

Bureaucracy in procurement also affects the speed of implementation, in addition to the slow adaptation of technology given the limited ICT knowledge by CEOs and other executives involved in decision-making.

According to analysts, a 360-degree view of the product by Microsoft could end up making it cheaper for companies, which would like to offer employees’ client access licences (CAL).

“If the business supported that worker with CALs for each device it would cost $297. Supporting the same worker with a CAL that allows using unlimited devices costs $114 – and that’s with the 15 percent increase,” said Paul Degroot, a consultant with Pica Communication.

He says cloud computing has shown that it is cheaper for companies to use a licence.

With this development, customers will now specify whether they want user or device licences as well as the number of devices where the second option is taken while signing the software assurance contracts.

He advises companies to make sure they chose the best bouquet that suits their operations.

“IT execs should check out how their workforces actually use endpoint devices to access servers in order to sign up for the best deal,” says Paul DeGroot.

The move by Microsoft is expected to safeguard its server products business which receives the bulk of its revenue from licences. Experts say the 15 percent hike could result to revenue stream of up to $60 million.

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