Mobile phones and social media crucial to travel experience, says study

88 percent of people take a mobile device capable of 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity on holiday with them, with the same percentage under the age of 34 using Facebook to inspire their holiday destination.

Not only do travellers use their devices on vacation but a good number of them say social media is particularly important in the first and last stages of them deciding on a holiday destination.

The online global study by Text100, in partnership with RedShift Research, interviewed 4,600 people across 13 countries, including South Africa, to understand how digital technology influences travel choices.

Named the Text100 Digital Index: Travel & Tourism, it explored travellers’ preferences and behaviours when planning travel, observing a variety of factors from geo-specific travel patterns, to what becomes prioritised when making their final destination.

This study emphasises the mobile device, specifically the mobile phone, has become an integral part of everyday life not only in Europe and North America but in Africa too.

Take a look in more detail of Text100’s Travel & Tourism Study here.

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