South Africa’s first legal streaming service surpasses 20 million tracks

Simfy, South Africa’s first legal music streaming service, now has more than 20 million songs on its database.

Songs with an average length of three and a half minutes have been added every day this year, which translates to 22,500 songs being added every day meaning the growth amounts 54 days or 1,300 hours of music per day.

Simfy Africa has added new catalogues, offering an increased techno, house and disco repertoire. The service has recently updated their desktop application, which offers improved functionality on different features.

The improved functionality also includes new player control buttons that feature a “hover” effect and better handling of tracks that are without streaming rights.

An improved application has been developed for Android users, which includes a feature allowing offline files to be stored on a phone’s SD card. Over the course of the next few weeks Simfy Africa will release updates for the iOS application that feature a quicker search facility and several improved features.

In addition to the offline storage for Android users, Simfy Africa also uses an offline storage system that eliminates the risk of losing files due to Adobe Air upgrades. According to Mole, Simfy Africa has already generated “well over 10,000” subscribers since its launch.

Simfy Africa has also met the popular demands of its users and will be launching gift vouchers from Monday, December 10. This means users will be able to purchase e-vouchers, in various denominations, from their website.

Since its launch in August, Simfy Africa has gathered momentum and has been well received by users of social media.

Those wanting to test Simfy Africa can sign up for a 14 day free trial. From there users can upgrade their application, the service can then be accessed on a computer and up to three mobile devices – including tablets for R60 (US2$7).

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