88mph and HumanIPO host third “Drink Tank”

Accelerator programme 88mph and HumanIPO hosted their Drink Tank in Cape Town on Friday, giving entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone who loves tech the chance of informal networking while enjoying a drink.

The event is described as an informal meeting where speeches or any other formalities are not on the agenda. This gives guests ample time to meet the teams of 88mph and HumanIPO as well as getting to know one another.

“Most networking events are focused on a speaker or programme, so that gives people little time to meet other people and talk. The Drink Tank takes away formalities and lets people wind down and talk about ideas,” says 88mph Programme Manager Sylvia Brune.

Among the guests attending was Vivid Tjipura, an entrepreneur from Windhoek Namibia who has a law background. Tjipura is currently working on growing his business, which he describes as a “creative agency”.

HumanIPO asked Tjipura if the Drink Tank has proved to be constructive for networking. He said: “Totally. I’ve already met a couple of people who could contribute.”

Business is good for Tjipura, who intends to create a website for his business – Vividea Art Castle – but has been so busy with his clients he hardly has the time.

Alexandra Fraser, Business Developer for Invenfin and Chairperson for Silicone Cape, was another making the most of the opportunity. Fraser joined Invenfin in 2009 after completing her Masters in International Business and Emerging Markets at the University of Edinburgh’s Business School.

Fraser believes the Drink Tank is a good idea for networking, collaborating and building industry.

Mo Golabi, originally from Iran is an entrepreneur who started his company Dot Studio six months ago. Golabi is involved with web design, branding and the social media market with a focus on small to medium sized businesses.

Golabi believes events such as Drink Tank are “absolutely” a great idea. “I’ve already had one of my ideas smashed to the ground,” he said, but believes this is good because he can effectively work on improving his ideas, thanks to the experts he is able to mingle with.

Glenn Stein, from the Blackberry apps development lab, was also networking at the event. Stein provides entrepreneurs with the space to develop ideas, giving them access to resources, assists with market ideas and offer workshops for “complete beginners to give them a basic understanding of programming.”

“This is a great event because networking can make you,” says Stein who further said that he got to where he is today with Blackberry through networking.

The next networking Drink Tank social event will take place on Friday, December 7, from 3-6pm. There will not be a Drink Tank event the following week but will it commence on December 21. To join the event RSVP here.

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