Vodacom’s GDSP to assist business efficiency

Vodacom officials say its new Global Data Services Platform (GDSP) will allow businesses to be more efficient, removing the need for extended global teams and providing for security against SIM fraud.

Following the announcement of Vodacom’s GDSP earlier this week, officials at the telecom have explained to HumanIPO the benefits to businesses of deploying an M2M network implementing the new offering – which is the first Mobile Network Operator (MNO) global SIM management platform in Africa.

The new technology allows businesses to cut back on the network of people currently needed to properly manage an M2M network with numerous SIM cards operating across countries. The GDSP allows the centralised remote control of a large number of SIMs, streamlining manpower requirements.

“Typically companies that have tens or hundreds of thousands of SIM cards have teams of people managing and monitoring the contract periods, usage and provisioning of the SIMs. These functions can now be done by the systems used in the Global Data Service Platform,” explains Gabi Strijp, Vodacom’s Executive Head of Mobile Products.

The new system if implemented also provides an added level of SIM security, protecting a network with multiple devices from unwanted access. 

“The GDSP is a closed loop system with no internet break-out. This means that security is provided from SIM theft and fraud,” Strijp said.

The platform may prove particularly useful to businesses with manufacturing operations, as the GDSP presents device test features with the option for the platform to “remember” devices, as such the GDSP facilitates smart device activation during a network roll-out.

“GDSP provides free “test” data that allows them [customers] to test their device/s and keep it on the shelf in a “live” state until it is needed free of charge… this facilitates a seamless deployment of the connected device,” Strijp says.

“If a GDSP SIM is deployed in a smart electricity meter the customer does not need to plan which SIM needs to be activated. Any device can be issued and turned on in a working state in the field.”

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