Electronic voting cards will create “credible” 2015 Nigerian election

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said it is committed to introducing electronic voting, which it believes will be instrumental in Nigeria’s quest for credible general elections in 2015.

The INEC says it is to begin the generation and distribution of electronic permanent voters’ cards.

It noted one of the challenges to conducting free and fair elections in Nigeria is that posed by individuals who registered more than once.

Kayode Idowu, Chief Press Secretary to the INEC Chairman, said: “In a very substantial way, it is going to add to the credibility of the elections, as it would help to checks multiple voting and the authentication of voters.”

With the introduction of electronic permanent voters’ card, the commission believes the chip-based voter card will help in checking multiple voting and aid in authenticating prospective voters.

Idowu expressed the readiness of the commission to deploy the chip-based permanent voter card in time for 2015. This he said will serve as a fail-safe means of confirming voters at the various polling stations.

Idowu added: “The commission is going ahead to procure card readers in batches so that by 2015 when card readers will be used, we won’t need to use this temporary voters card anymore as they will be used to authenticate and verify the voters.”

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