StreamWIDE to make calls via Facebook a reality

StreamWIDE’s new virtual line service called My Social Line is focusing on upgrading the social media platforms to include live calls without the need for phone numbers.

The new service that includes a virtual telephone number connected to an existing customers Facebook account — making it a user’s social line — now works on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter is now targeting Google+.

“My Social Line enables a Social network user to obtain a virtual number just like their phone numbers which enables them to receive or make calls simultaneously during their interactions on the social platforms,” said Clinton Pierce, StreamWIDE Sub Saharan Africa’s Sales Director.

Pierce told HumanIPO this makes it possible for anyone to receive or make calls to the virtual identity number on their current handset or StreamWIDE Softphone — an open source VoIP client software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and combines voice, video communication and conferencing capabilities and includes content management, instant messaging and presence support features.

The service allows users to make calls from the virtual identity through prefix, call-back or network integration. StreamWIDE can also be customised to Facebook to allow contact calling on Facebook and mobile applications.

It also has the Click to Call from Facebook, viral marketing features, contacts synchronisation, voicemail integration and social network based self-care. Other features include an option for organizations to own customised virtual social lines or numbers.

Pierce added My Social Line uses the viral effect of social networks to build new services where end-users enjoy the best of both online and telecom worlds.

“Mobile carrier companies and business entities can also accelerate usage of their prepaid and post-paid packages to increase inbound and outbound traffic and strengthen their brand image,” Pierce said.

StreamWIDE targets managed services, mobile, landline or multiplay, offer business services and offers StreamWIDE Visual Voicemail for iPhone, iPad,Android and Blackberry devices and its own Softphone.

StreamWIDE is presently working with African telephony operators in voice and unified messaging, convergence management, social telephony, convergent charging, conferencing, call center solutions, ringback tones and IVR.

Pascal Beglin, Lilian Gaichies and Zakaria Nadhir founded the firm in 2001. It is headquartered in France, with operations in the US, China, and Romania and South Africa and Tunisia.

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