Cape Town extends its FreeCall line network to its customer services centre

The City of Cape Town will unveil the 63rd FreeCall line today (Thursday) connecting neighbourhoods who lack sufficient communication access to the authority.

The latest installation will be unveiled at the Town Centre Library, in Mitchells Plain, and is part of a continued roll-out which began with a pilot in July 2009. The City expects to connect a further 20 lines by July next year.

Alderman Demetri Qually said: “We are extending the network of FreeCall telephones to areas where low volumes of service complaints and requests are currently being registered – usually because of a lack of cellphone airtime on the part of the customer or a lack of available telephone lines.”

Residents are encouraged to use the lines to report faults, register complaints and make enquiries at no cost to them.

HumanIPOreported on Tuesday the Social Justice Coalition was expecting to meet with City of Cape Town officials today to discuss how technology could be implemented to solve the city’s toilet problems.

One proposed solution is implementing a SMS system where residents can text a toilet identification number to the city and say what the problem is.

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