K-Talks, Kenya’s online community

A new online community born in Nairobi has grown to 55,000 users in six months offering one place to share multimedia, documents and online polling.

Speaking to HumanIPO, K-Talks founder Timothy Katee described his product as an integrated platform aiming to fully sustain an online community where all aspects of subscribers’ social and economic lives are catered for.

The project began on February 24 and was launched to the public on June 16.

“K-Talks started as a communication system within my class where we used to post ‘TALKS’,” Katee told HumanIPO.

Katee says the previous communication system used in his class at school “revolutionised” K-Talks beginning. “Users post ‘talks’ and the most active stays on top (of the site).”  

“K-Talks is bundled with a lot of features which are integrated to provide a smooth and simple user interface. We believe in simplicity,” added Katee.

The features are divided into different modules, for example: Marketplace, Music Sharing, Polling. “These modules have been integrated into the users’ profiles in a very classy way to provide simplicity in the website’s navigation.”

Students and writers would find the document sharing facility on the site useful because they can store their documents in an organised fashion and writers can expose their work.

Those who love their music and budding musicians can make use of the music sharing and storing facility. Up-and-coming artists can sell their songs and get reviews on the site.

The Marketplace facility allows users to sell their products online by creating listings for free and the Events facility enables subscribers to create awareness about their events.

K-Talks also features facilities that allow subscribers to share and store photographic and videographic content.

The Polling Section is described by Katee as “a revolution to nearly everything in life.” He addedt “companies, organisations and individuals can create polls on various subjects.”According to Katee, this function is popular with events such as pageants and universities.

K-Talks also has an active copyright policy for all content that is uploaded to the site. Katee says this policy is visible to all subscribers.

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