Tusqee System CEO on Sematime going international

Barely three months after launching the beta version of Sematime, a web-based solution that lets people send bills and invoices via SMS, Kenyan startup Tusqee Systems has now officially launched the service internationally.

HumanIPO caught up with Boniface Githinji, Founder and CEO of Tusqee system, just to find out what “going international means for the startup.”

“First of all, I want to make it clear that we didn’t just go global for the sake of doing it and probably boosting out clout score. No, we didn’t. In fact, ever since we won the Pivot25 competition, we have had heard continuous requests from people living outside Kenya who wanted us to avail our services to them,” Githinji said.

However, the fact that Sematime app was desktop-based then, they had issues with distribution and large-scaling. “Now that Sematime.com is web based, anyone can access it from anywhere in the world,” he commented.

Githinji says that he has now has a lot of expectations on the startup following international launch, which includes growing their user count and consequently their revenue margins. Since it was initially launched earlier this year, Sematime has over 1000 registered users and are currently doing KSh250,000 (approx US$3,000) in month-on-month revenues.

“With our global launch, I’m confident that we can nail 50,000+ users and at least KShs1million (US$12,000) a month by mid 2013,” he added.

Githinji is also expecting new opportunities to open up for the company. “I’m not going to give a detailed account but we have big things in the pipeline,” he said.

Asked about the strong points that Sematime will have over international competitors, Githinji said that the software is simple, elegant and intuitive. “In fact, with Sematime we don’t publish user manuals or quick start guides. Why, users don’t need them,” he said.

Githinji added that that his team is also to thank for the success saying: “They are ambitious, highly motivated and driven by the need to conquer. Our company culture is what makes us so unique. We also go that extra mile to ensure that our users get value for their money and I believe that our customer service is among the best,” he concluded.

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