More African startups taking to Google App Engine

Top developers in Africa are turning to Google App Engine to develop their software on PCs and mobile gadgets, Google Africa reported.

Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Google Africa Program Manager Sub Saharan Africa, said, “Creating applications and services that use Google platforms to make the internet more relevant to Africans is a big part of Google’s vision in Africa. This is why we are always excited whenever we come across individuals or companies whose efforts are in line with this vision.”

BattaBox, a Nigerian online TV, is one of the startups that have leveraged the use of Google Apps on their website, according to Google Africa. BattaBox was founded in late 2011 by Christian Purefoy and Yemisi Ilo to bring online television to Nigerians all over the world. BattaBox allows users to upload videos through PC interface or Android enabled phones.

BattaBox rapidly achieved popularity in Nigeria and beyond within two weeks of launching because of its ability to let people follow day-to-day events as seen through the eyes of ordinary Nigerians. BattaBox intends to expand its service to businesses and professionals and offer them a platform with a ready Nigerian and international audience.

Lula, which means “easy” in Xhosa language in South Africa, is another application heavily relying on Google App Engine. Lula through their Nomanini Company allows users to print and sell airtime pre-paid vouchers.

As of March 2012, Nomanini had deployed about 100 terminals, which has enabled local entrepreneurs to participate in the growing value-chain for mobile services and commerce. Nomanini’s long-term vision is to grow Lula into an integrated hardware-software platform that they can make available to other mobile providers in Africa.

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