First four startups for IPO48 Nairobi are chosen!

First four startups for IPO48 Nairobi are chosen!

Here it is, people – the first four startups that will enter the 48h investment bootcamp in Nairobi are (in no particular order):

Deliver stuff to friends affordably and safely-startup Tutabeba.

Then the 6ix Degrees which aims to do something that most of the mobile users will cheer on – back up one’s contacts in a remote server and additionally create a relational nation-wide directory based on those contacts.

The Tusqee Systems promise to revolutionize the way Kenyan primary & secondary schools interact with parents.

And last but not least, the educational startup which concentrates on the e-learning environment, stating they would also incorporate already existing e-learning applications into its processes at no cost – darasani2 .

All of you who have registered at IPO48 Nairobi, and don’t have a startup are welcome to try joining these teams – just use the box on your right hand side of the startup and indicate your interest. Every team can have maximum of 6 people.

Important note – all of the remaining startup finalists will be published before the end of the week – so stay tuned!

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