High road carnage inspires a new app set to save lives

A startup in Kenya has developed an application that would sensitize and help drivers in case of road accidents in a country where 80 percent of the 13,000 road accidents, a year, are caused by human error including reckless and drunken driving, according to Kenyan government statistics.

Nduru is a Kenyan app that aims to help road users to avoid road carnage, wherever possible. The number of road accidents is on the increase. The transport sector with the government, are trying ways including mass awareness about road safety.

The app, designed to work on smart-phones and yet to be released on Android platform, has functionalities that show the hot spots, and a complaint form that users can report road incidences. It will aslo be available on the Nokia’s S40 platform.

Nduru, is a worthwhile multipurpose mobile app; it helps drivers know the black spots as once installed the app vibrates to warn drivers of the danger spots.

In addition, the app has a “speedometer” that helps passengers detect the speed of the vehicle. If the vehicle exceeds the 80 kilometres per hour speed limit, users can report the vehicle to the police. It also has audio and text tutorials that help users administer first aid to victims.

For the complaint function to work, the policemen need to have an app installed in their phones known as “Offisa”. This app, Kioko says, is still under development.

“There has been an increase in the Number of Road Accidents. Most people in vehicles have Mobile devices and I decided to use that as a stepping stone,” Kioko told HumanIPO, “I therefore created a platform where we could empower the Mwananchi using the Mobile Phone by giving them a voice and help reduce the number of road accidents.”

The app came in third in the student category globally and second in East Africa at the recently held Ericsson Applications Awards.
“I thank God for this far He has brought me. I honestly wasn’t expecting,” said Kioko.

Kioko has developed other applications including FarmPal application.

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