FEATURE: The tech trends of 2013 and beyond

Global market research leader ABI Research has released a list of what it thinks will be the next big trends in 2013 and beyond, with some of these developments set to change how we interact.


More Development in Augmented Reality (AR)

There have been explorations on AR in the last year and this will grow in the years to come. The biggest representation of this trend is definitely the Google Glass project, which caught the attention of technologist enthusiast worldwide.

“In 2 years’ time, AR should reach a level where we start to see more than a few consumer apps that are marketed, and downloaded, simply as compelling apps and not only as wow-inducing bells and whistles,” ABI Research said.

The growth of LTE

This is definitely expected with countries like South Africa embracing fast Internet broadband. The research also predicts the final death of 2G. With the proliferation of LTE, the research asserts that gesture recognition in mobile gadgets will be a common feature.

The shift to digital television

Television broadcasting will be affected by the ITU’s 2015 global deadline for the switch to digital broadcasting. Most countries have chosen their own deadlines for the switch. Kenya’s deadline still stands at December 31 despite very little preparation by the necessary government bodies.

ABI Research also predicts the growth of On Demand content.

“We expect a continuing steady release of licensing agreements that include rights for tablets, the ability to shift live TV viewing to connected TVs (via IPTV platforms or in-home video gateways),” ABI research said.

More cars connected to the web

Earlier this month, Tourism Radio had their audio guides installed in Renault’s driver tablet in their brand of cars. More Internet-ready gadgets will connect cars to the Net. Some of these enhancements will aid drivers to get diagnostics for their cars, track their vehicles and even start and switch off their cars using mobile apps.

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