HP Indigo 5600 offset printing press launched in Lagos

The latest offset printing press produced by Hewlett Packard (HP), HP Indigo 5600, has been launched in Nigeria, expanding into the plastic cards and graphic overlay markets.

HP Indigo 5000 has as a “one-shot ink” solution and, giving a public demonstration, MFI Pro Print’s Regional Product Manager, Jignesh Mehta, said: “It offers seamless switching between jobs and media types, with a new added ability to print on synthetics.

“This new product is capable of printing well over two million colour pages or five million monochrome pages per month, the press is the leading choice for medium volume printers.”

Colour jobs can be processed at a speed of 90 pages per minute and the machine can also attain a monochrome speed of 272 pages per minute (ppm). Multiple drawers enable continuous printing, reducing operator intervention and increasing uptime.

A new red-fluorescing invisible ink of the HP Indigo 5600 model can be used to pursue new security-printing applications, such as identification cards, tickets and high-value coupons.

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