Increase user-time on your site through clickable videos

In blogging and online marketing, engagement is key, but with hundreds of websites for visitors to choose from, arduous work in achieving visitor loyalty is inevitable. Using clickable videos on your website is a new trend capable of increasing audience engagement and user-time on a site.

Some depressing statistics on online video viewing underscore the problem. For instance, although about 100 million Internet users view videos, the average video loses 20 percent of its viewers in the first 10 seconds, and the number gradually grows until it reaches 60 percent at the two-minute mark. In addition, desktop viewers often stick with a video for two minutes or less while mobile users have slightly lengthier attention spans.

Clickable video refers to an online video that allows user interaction by clicking on it. Although this has been in existence for years – for instance in the form of banner ads that are embedded in video – technology has matured in the last couple of years. Today, it is possible to embed “hotspots” that track with particular items in the video and allow users to interact with them directly.

Advantages of clickable videos

The new technology has allowed a huge variety of plugins, such as add-ons and apps, that a user can apply to add interactive elements to clickable video, such as QR codes, sharing on social media and live stock prices. The plugins can be applied for a variety of purposes, including direct sales, to enhance the content, making it more dependable and informative.

The elements of clickable video add significant constituents of interactivity to a website that would otherwise remain passive. Once properly applied, user interactivity translates directly into user engagement. If website visitors are offered videos that contain elements they can click on, studies have showed they will stay longer as well as visit the site more often.

Maximising benefits from clickable videos

To ensure best returns from an interactive video, focus should be on two major priorities, educating the user to ensure they understand that the video is interactive and, secondly, adding a range of interactive items to ensure the video inspires a click. Using interactive clickable video on a website is a great way to lengthen visits to site and to build user engagement and loyalty.

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