tfsRadio Nigeria app reveals software update for 2013

The developer of tfsRadio Nigeria has told HumanIPO users of the app will enjoy a software update next year which will include genre searching and logos for each station.

In an exclusive interview from his base in Israel, prolific app developer Amir Markish said tfsRadio Nigeria will be greatly improved with the introduction of fresher graphics that will improve its appearance.

It will also group the channels into genres, enabling users to have a guided tour and exploration of available channels to choose from.

Because they are currently not grouped in genres, users often encounter difficulties when deciding which category the various channels belong to.

“We are planning to refresh graphics; then add extra details for each station such as logo, genre and time schedule,” he said.

With the time schedule feature, users of the app will be able to know which programme is airing on the various channels so that they can plan what to listen to, and the time to do so.

He said the app allows users to influence the channels which feature on the app by using built-in email. When they send the mail, he said the app’s quality assurance manager confirms the channel and adds it to the list.

tfsRadio Nigeria has more than 10,000 users across the world and Markish said it allows users who are not within the country to be able to listen to their favorite channels while away from home.

Regarding future expansion into Africa, he said as soon as studies are completed, the apps for other countries would be launched.

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