New security dongle now available in Kenya

An Internet security solution that protects PCs through new dongle gadget Soft Lock eSign is now available in Kenya.

The gadget has user authentication, certificate verification and strong encryption, including a fingerprint reader that one has to use to gain access to a PC.

Aside from a secret PIN that has to be entered to access a protection machine, user authentication has been buffered by the biometric reader that makes sure that access to the security dongle is authorised.

In the wake of increased insecurity online, major steps are being taken to secure the Web. Kenya has been reported to have experienced an increase of insecurity in the government and financial institutions.

When integrated, the dongle protects access, databases and other documents stored in the laptop or computer.

“eSign provides digital certificate generation and management, electronic signing and verification, data encryption and decryption. All secure operations are completely provided by the internal device hardware,” the company said.

Digital signatures are becoming the norm and the latest solution in Kenya’s cyberspace will enable professionals to send emails and to be received upon verification. Sending emails with this solution means that no one can alter or see the email except the recipient.

The service is crucial for employees who use their own devices for professional matters, making it risky for the company.

TaxCredit Consulting Limited will handle the solution’s distribution across parts of East Africa.

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