MobileMedia wins patent violation case against Apple

A US court has ruled that Apple’s iPhone violated three patents held by licensing firm MobileMedia Ideas, which is part-owned by Nokia and Sony.

The jury found that the iPhone had violated mobile phone camera, call handling and call rejection patents. It is as yet unclear what damages will be, or whether Apple plans to appeal

“MobileMedia Ideas is pleased that the jury confirmed Apple’s iPhones use our patented technology,” said Larry Horn, chief executive of Mobile Media, which specialises in smartphone handsets.

“MobileMedia Ideas’ objective is to make these important technologies and others used in mobile phone and other portable devices widely available. We welcome Apple and others to enter into licenses for the use of these technologies.”

Horn said the amount of damages could be “substantial”. The company argued in the suit that it would be “irreparable injury” if Apple was not required to pay royalties for the patents.

The company had originally filed suit in 2010, arguing that Apple had violated 14 patents, though this number was later cut to three. MobileMedia is pursuing a number of cases against prominent smartphone manufacturers, including Research in Motion (RIM) and HTC. It owns more than 300 patents, mostly from Nokia and Sony.

Apple too has been heavily involved in patent litigation, pursuing cases against Samsung and Motorola Mobility but also facing countersuits from Samsung and others.

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