Quartz+Co workshops for selected IPO48 Nairobi participants!

During the past few weeks great business ideas have been entered and discussed on the IPO48 website, and the atmosphere is high flying and entrepreneurial like it should be. 12 teams have been chosen and are now preparing themselves to participate in the exciting IPO48 event.

But what happens afterwards…? All the ideas and energy must be transformed into actions, because when it comes down to it – the idea is only the first step of the way.

Going from idea to action are where most start-ups unfortunately fail. And even more unfortunately is that this is not necessarily because it is a bad idea – but because it is so hard to translate the idea into (the right) actions.

This is why we have planned two intensive workshop days, the 16th and 17th (Tuesday and Wednesday), after the event to help facilitate the next steps.

We will be using a well proven concept called The Startupwheel® and take a starting point in your individual business ideas. It will be very action oriented and will accelerate your way to success with your business idea!

The course will be open to selected event participants and since we have a limited number of seats available you will need to register beforehand. Please send a mail to

Get busy registering and check the event agenda here.

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