Vodacom launches new data bundle promotion

Vodacom has unveiled new discounts on ad-hoc data bundles for contract and top-up customers, less than two weeks after its last bundle promotions came to an end.

The new discount promotions are called “Internet Promo” bundles and allow customers to but the bundles through any sales channel where month-to-month bundles can be purchased.

The bundles will be available until April 6, 2013, and are launched after the pay-once 12GB and 24GB data bundle promotions came to an end at the start of December.

A Vodacom spokesperson said: “This promo is specifically aimed at people who want to add data onto their voice contracts, especially smartphone users. Up to now there were few options for them.

“These are Month-to-Month bundles but you can cancel the recurring bundle at any time, so there is no “lock-in” of any kind.”

Posted in: Telecoms

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