Kenya’s Konza Tech City set for groundbreaking next month

President Kibaki is to preside over the groundbreaking ceremony of Konza Tech City next month, officially launching the US$10 billion project.

Henry Mung’asia, Business Process Outsourcing director of administration told KNA Friday that the much-anticipated ICT park will finally be launched on January 23.

“This will set the ground for the actual development of the city to begin,” he said.

The groundbreaking of Konza, 60 kilometres from Nairobi, has seen multiple postponements in the last two years, due to delays in obtaining key approvals.

Only last week investment banker John Ngumi was appointed by the president to lead the project, chairing the Konza Technopolis Development Authority established by the State in March to regulate, monitor and evaluate the city’s development.

In spite of these signs of progress, the project has not been without controversy, with government officials admitting to doubts over whether Konza would attract enough local investors. 

Ministry of Information and Communication Bitange Ndemo said that the project was receiving so much foreign investment that reluctant local investors may miss the opportunity to take on space at Konza if they continue to withhold their interest.

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