Samsung dealt another blow in smartphone “patent wars” with Apple

Samsung has dropped its bid to enforce a sales ban on Apple’s iPhone and iPad in five European countries, hours after avoiding an enforcement in the US.

The South Korean electronics giant escaped a similar demand from Apple in America yesterday when a Californian judge ruled against a ban on 26 Samsung devices. The same court had already demanded Samsung pay Apple US$1.05 billion in damages.

The European Commission warned Samsung against “abusing its ownership of patents essential for standards such as 3G networking”, reported the Guardian.

HumanIPO reported last week that MobileMedia, part owned by Nokia and Sony, had won its battle against Apple over three patents it claimed Apple violated. These were the iPhone’s mobile phone camera, call handling and call rejection patterns.

In November Nokia filed lawsuits against Blackberry-maker RIM in three countries over standards-essential patents (SEPs) the pair have licensed to each other since 2003, which allows phones to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

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