Gambia launches fibre optic cable today, last step towards high speed internet

As the Africa to Europe (ACE) Cable is launched today in Banjul, capital city of Gambia, Liberian authorities have expressed the country’s readiness to put it into operation on January 19, 2013.

The goal of the ACE fibre optic cable is to increase Internet speeds and enhance Internet usage in Africa.

Linus Gedeo, Senior Transmission Engineer of the Liberia Telecommunication Company (LIBTELCO), said every nation that is part of the consortium with the exception of the Republic of Guinea, have already finalised cable installation.

“The cable will be switched on simultaneously next month in six of the seven countries including Senegal, The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia. Guinea encountered some setbacks during the country’s political unrest and is likely that their switching-on time may be delayed,” the senior transmission engineer said.

He added when the cable is switched on, Liberians, especially those using the internet, will begin to enjoy faster Internet speed which is also more efficient and less costly.

“The new service will afford the public unlimited access to the World Wide Web, download and make video calls as well as rapid radio and television transmission and several others,” he said.

Members of the Liberia Cable Consortium are the Liberian Government, Cellcom, Lonestar Cell MTN and Libtelco. And according to the LIBTELCO engineer, all of the members have fulfilled every obligation required for the onward distribution and utilization of the fiber optic cable.

“Lonestar Cell, Cellcom and Libtelco will begin the distribution of the service through their various networks. While other companies and private individuals with bigger capacities can request connection when the service comes alive,” he said.

Concerning the safety of the cables, he enjoined members of the public to keep away from the cables which he said carry electricity of high voltage that is high enough to cause electrocution. He however allayed fears by stating that engineering measures have been taken by LIBTELCO to guard against fatality.

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