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In an industry usually dominated by technicalities and ‘tech jargon’, finding meaningful and inspirational comments from innovators and politicians can prove a rare occurrence. The HumanIPO team has trawled through the archives to compile the stand-out sound-bites of 2012.

Nanine Steenkamp: “There is something about the internet that gives people boldness to speak their mind – people are connecting, sharing stories and ideas. Others who have suffered in silence speak out.”– Frederick Bvalani, co-founder of Malawi Fuel Watch Facebook group.

Vincent Matinde: “The time for docility is over. Being meek and mild with companies just makes them lazy and complacent. Customers pay hard-earned money for products and services, and must demand that they get the value they expect. Highlighting the good and the bad will cleanse the market.” – Sunny Bindra on the TwitterBigstick hashtag.

Richard Cutcher: “There is the possibility (to hit the 2015 deadline), but there also isn’t the possibility.” – Paseka Maleka, Manager: Media and Stakeholder Liaison at ICASA, when quizzed by HumanIPO on South Africa’s readiness to complete digital migration.

Robin Okuthe: “The Kenyan women in tech are awesome. If, as a country, we are to reach the goals outlined in vision 2030, then we must get more women to work in the ICT industry. We’ve got software developers and entrepreneurs, engineers and inventors, bloggers and designers. You’ll find women across the ICT spectrum  working hard and achieving great things. Their role and their voices need to be amplified.” - Kaburo Kobia, Project Manager for Local Digital Content at the Kenya ICT Board.

Tom Jackson: “We are being left seriously behind Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria in terms of attracting investment and industry with technology. They will become the economic engines of the continent.” – Adrian Schofield, president of the Computer Society South Africa, on the lack of a national South African ICT policy.

Kamau Mbote: “Arguing that consumers cannot afford the set boxes which are going for at least Kshs 2,000 (purportedly because they are poor) when they were able to afford a TV set in the first place is illogical and preposterous.” – Samuel Njuguna (lawyer)

Elly Okutoyi: “We would love to see Africans returning to Africa by giving them a landing pad for building their own startups; they can also help boost the local startup talent pool.” – 88mph accelerator founder Kresten Buch.

Gythan Munga:
“Under business process outsourcing, engineering and scientific research, computer programming, accounting and telemarketing, the new global enterprise, can be based anywhere in the world. This is what a knowledge-based society is about. And it is possible because ICT enables you to deliver services and products anywhere in the world.” – Kenya’s President Kibaki, directing youth training on ICT following improved fibre optic coverage.

Gabriella Mulligan: “Phones will soon be everything – radio, T.V., education, health… In 5 to 10 years, don’t be surprised if more machines have SIMs than people.” – Alan Knott-Craig Sr.

Paul Adepoju:
“The mobile telephone can be used to democratize the Nigerian capital market if well harnessed.” – Omobola Johnson, Nigerian Minister of Communication Technology.

Tefo Mohapi: “Expect a Kenyan Tech Success Story to happen in 2013.” – Mark Kaigwa

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